Pittsburgh Jewish News: Online improvements

Archivist Susan M. Melnick writes that the Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project search interface has been improved.

The project includes The Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), The American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962) and The Jewish Chronicle (1962-Present). It serves both as an online reference source and as a digitized historical documentation of the Jewish community of Pittsburgh and its outlying areas.

The project is a collaboration of Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, the Rodef Shalom Congregation Archives, the Rauh Jewish Archives at the Senator John Heinz History Center, and the Jewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh, with help from the United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh.


– Search results now show search term in context in “snippets.”

– Enlarged fonts and columns.

– viewers can change text size via their browser.

– Number of hits and page navigation are on a white background for better visibility.

– Names of newspapers now spelled out, not abbreviated.

– Layout changed to allow snippets to fit generally on one line

– Up to four snippets displayed for each issue.

– Snippet color changed to distinguish from links.

For more information, visit the Rauh Jewish Archives at the Heinz History center online here, and search the newspaper project here .


2 Responses

  1. This is one of the best resources I have found so far. I would love to see them enhance one more feature which is to highlight the search terms on the scanned images. It would make it much easier to use instead of having to read the entire page looking for a single word, phrase or name.

  2. Hi, Amir

    That’s a good suggestion. Why don’t you contact the archivist through their website. Highlighting the search terms is a very useful feature for quickly locating the desired information.


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