California: Thinking ahead to 2010

Southern California will be doing the genealogy bunny hop in 2010, so mark your calendars for these two summer events next year.

The 41st Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree 2010 will take place June 11-13 in Burbank, followed just a few weeks later by the 30th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, July 11-16 in Los Angeles.

The Jamboree 2010 committee is pushing ahead on all fronts and has just put out its Call for Papers for next year. Paula Hinkel, Lou Myers and their crew of dedicated volunteers are getting organized.

Next year’s Jamboree is expected to draw more than 1,200 participants, speakers and exhibitors to one of the largest and most popular genealogical events in the US.

A wide variety of presentations will be considered, including websites and electronic information sources, migration paths, use of records and repositories, research methodology, skill building, cultural and ethnic research, writing, publishing, family history, computers and technology, society management, genetics and DNA research, source records, immigration and naturalization records, digital and brick-and-mortar record repositories, and professional topics.

The 2010 geographic focus will be on North America – Canada, Mexico, and across the US’s regions.

Original topic submissions are strongly encouraged:
– Priority is given to presentations not given within the past two years.
– Proposals for panels, workshops and other ground-breaking presentations will be considered.
– Preference will be give to sponsored presentations and digital presentations are strongly encouraged.
– Time slots are are 60 minutes including a 10-minute Q&A.
– Panel discussions are 90 or 120 minutes.
– Speakers may submit any number of proposals.
– Advanced, intermediate and beginner level sessions may be proposed.

For more information, click here.


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