Los Angeles: The Bielski story and more

Everyone’s back from busy summers and genealogical societies are beginning their program years.

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles has planned a great kick-off to this special year, which will culminate in the 30th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, hosted this year by the JGSLA, from 11-16 July 2010.

You won’t want to miss this program on Sunday, September 13 event at the Milken JCC in West Hills.

The main event is Sharon Rennert speaking on “The Bielski Partisans: A Granddaughter’s Story.” She presented this multi-media lecture to a standing-room-only crowd at the Philadelphia conference. The program also includes a recap of the Philly 2009 conference, and a screening of Jordan Auslander’s very funny “Genealogy Goes to the Movies.”

Presented by filmmaker Sharon Rennert, granddaughter of Tuvia Bielski (played by Daniel Craig in the film “Defiance”). Sharon will delve into the real story behind the Hollywood motion picture and break down historical fact from fiction. She’ll provide a unique glimpse into the real characters behind the film and will show scenes from her work-in-progress documentary, “In Our Hands: A Personal Story of the Bielski Partisans.”

If you haven’t seen “Defiance,” view it before the meeting to enhance appreciation of this program. It is available via Blockbuster, Netflix or Amazon.

An award-winning independent filmmaker and television editor with a Boston University BS (Broadcasting & Film) and a USC MFA (Cinema-Television), Rennert’s been editing and producing documentary series and television specials for more than 15 years.

The time schedule:

1.30-3pm: Rennert’s program.

3-3.30pm: Philly 2009 recap and exciting plans for the upcoming JGSLA 2010.

3.30-4pm: “Genealogy Goes to the Movies.” A screening of Jordan Auslander’s hilarious compilation of genealogically-themed clips from classic and kitschy films and TV shows, ranging from The X-Files, Grey’s Anatomy and The Sopranos to the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Mel Brooks and Frances Coppola.

Those who arrive early (1-1.30pm) can enjoy refreshments, browse the JGSLA’s traveling library and speak with members who attended the Philly conference.

Fee: members, free; others, $5. Invite your friends to this great program.

The Bernard Milken Jewish Community Campus is at 22622 Vanowen St., in West Hills.


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