Latvia: Riga’s Jewish community, Sept. 10

Sorry for the last-minute timing of this announcement, but Tracing the Tribe just received the notice.

If your research interests involve Riga, Latvia, this afternoon’s event at the YIVO Institute (located at the Center for Jewish Studies) may be good for you.

“Locating Jewishness in Fin-de-siècle Riga: Cultural maps, local politics, and the question of language” begins at 3pm Thursday, September 10, at the CJH. It is co-sponsored by Leo Baeck Institute and the speaker is Felix Heinert.

Heinert will shed light on various issues from his research on Riga’s Jewish community. He will negotiate Russian-Jewish and German-Jewish historical and historiographic narratives from their “margins,” linking cultural maps (in a metaphorical sense) with local Jewish politics (in a broader sense) and the question of (“imperial” and public) language(s).

Admission is free, but do RSVP to 917-606-8290 or send an email to YIVO.

The Center for Jewish History is located at 15 W. 16th Street in New York City.


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