Ancestry mag’s archives online

A curious group of stories began appearing in Tracing the Tribe’s Google alerts a few days ago.

There were many stories with Jewish content coming from Ancestry Magazine. I’ve seen stories from as far back as 2000 and some as new as August 2009.

Over the years, the magazine has included quite a number of Jewish genealogy content articles, which are now easily accessible online along with the redesign of the website.

Of course, many of the older ones (and even a very new one) leave out great resources for Jewish genealogy, such as Tracing the Tribe, but for those just starting out on personal quests for their Jewish ancestors, the articles will provide interesting content. The DNA articles by my colleague Howard Wolinsky are also listed.

In the magazine’s homepage Search Box (upper right corner) just enter the keyword Jewish. Scroll down to see the long list of articles arranged chronologically from most recent to oldest. Not all the articles carry the Jewish tag, but the articles produced by the search do mention Jewish genealogy or ancestry in one way or another.

It was, however, a bit disconcerting to see an article titled National Church Repositories (published in 2000), based on a 1994 list of church repositories in the US and Canada. The Canadian Jewish Archives was included as a “church repository.”

Thanks, Ancestry Magazine, for making these available and accessible online.


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