Practical Archivist: Free workshop, Oct. 12

Tracing the Tribe’s favorite archivist blogger, Sally Jacobs of the Practical Archivist, will give a free teleclass workshop to celebrate both Archives Month and Family History Month on Monday, October 12.

It begins at 2pm Central Daylight Time (US). Only 150 “seats” are available for this workshop, so read the detailed directions here on how to join in. At the end of the workshop, Sally will open the lines for questions.

She will share three secrets every archivist knows which will help you organize, preserve and share your family photographs.

I try to get you to think like an archivist in under an hour. To which you might ask: One hour? Is that even possible? My reply: Only one way to find out, my friend! As I like to say: “Your great-great granddaughter will thank you.”

And, if you can’t make the live call-in workshop, it will be recorded and you can access the MP3 file all month.

Unfortunately, regular long-distance rates will appear on your phone bill.

For more information, visit the Practical Archivist.


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