Philly 2009: Session recordings available

Everyone agrees that Philly 2009 was a great conference but, as usual, there were hard choices to be made as so many good sessions were at the same time slots.

Did you have trouble choosing among several sessions at the same time slot? Or perhaps you couldn’t attend the conference at all. Never fear – help is here.

All the sessions recorded at the 29th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy (August 2-7, Philadelphia) are available for purchase on a CD or for online use.

While individual sessions are $14 each, and two-hour seminars or workshops are $28 each, the best deal is the complete package with more than 140 recordings for only $149. Even the mathematically-challenged among us can see that this is a much better return on investment.

Some presenters have also included their PowerPoints (as well as audio) on the CD, so that’s an extra bonus – almost like being there in person!

To order online, go to, click on “Educational Content,” then “click here for content from the meeting.”

Content Management Corporation handled the recordings. Note that not all the sessions were recorded (presenters were required to give approval for recording).


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