Family by the numbers

Family tree charts are useful for an overall view of a group of your ancestors. Descendant chart printouts help us understand, in a linear text format, how the generations of our family tree relate to each other.

Now there’s an entertaining way, via’s new free tool, to learn family statistics contained in your data.

Called “Family Statistics,” the new tool helps researchers access and understand 45 sets of statistics from information in their trees. It will also help locate data entry errors so they can be fixed quickly.

The stats are organized into six Family Zones: names, places, ages, births, marriages and divorces.

Find the oldest and youngest family members, learn who lived the longest, who married the youngest, who had the most children, who married the youngest and other interesting facts that might not be so obvious.

Family Statistics is completely free and easily accessed from the MyHeritage welcome page or from the Reports tab of your Family Tree site.

NOTE: If you’ve just joined MyHeritage, but have not yet uploaded a Gedcom or entered family information, you won’t see the Reports tab. That should encourage you to add data now!

To gain the most from this interesting new tool, keep growing your tree and adding more information.

How can Family Statistics help you in other ways?

As it provides a quick way to demonstrate family facts and figures, the new tool can answer family questions fast.

MyHeritage members gain more insight into their families by growing their trees. The more data in a tree, the more interesting the charts will become.

If you see some strange results, such as siblings born a century apart or an ancestor married at age 10, you’ll know a mistake was made somewhere and you can correct it quickly.

Enjoy this new way to learn more about your family!


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