Los Angeles: Sephardic Choir concert, Dec. 10

If Ladino and Sephardic music are on your radar screen, don’t miss this performance of the Kol Sephardic Choir, on Thursday, December 10.

The performance of Ladino and liturgical music begins at 6.30pm at the Will & Ariel Durant Branch Library 7140 Sunset Blvd, LA, CA 90046. For information, call 323-876-2741 or 310-557-1096.

The choir is billed as “an upbeat, unique and inspirational musical choir and ensemble comprised of a diversified group of singers from the community,” and their repertoire is primarily Sephardic romanceros sung in Ladino and religious songs in Hebrew with Sephardic melodies.

It is the only Sephardic choir in California and has performed in synagogues and community centers through Los Angeles.

The director and founder is Raphael Ortasse; the music director and conductor is Avliav. The primary song arranger is Daud Perez. The group has produced a Ladino song CD and should be distributed soon. A second CD will include liturgical religious songs in Hebrew.

The goal of Kol Sephardic Choir is to disseminate the culture of the Sephardic Jews originating in Spain prior to the 1492 Expulsion and later in the Balkan countries, such as Turkey, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, North Africa and in Israel.

View the group’s interesting website (read pages on Sephardic history, music, genealogy links and more) here.


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