Keep spinning: A diamond dreidel

Looking for the ultimate Chanukah gift? How about a diamond-studded dreidel for $1,800?

Now, that’s a nice heirloom to pass down through the generations. Of course, you’ll have to frisk your dreidel players after each game.

You could always just have it painted into a family portrait and let your descendants spend a lot of time looking for it each Chanukah. Tracing the Tribe believes in establishing your own holiday traditions!

If you really want one, the Platinum Micro-Pave Diamond Dreidel, with .96 carats of handset diamonds is available from Mervis Diamond Importers.

This is not the kind of dreidel you stuff chocolate coins in. This one requires real gold (not foil) coins.

Tracing the Tribe would like to say we received one of these limited edition items in return for writing about it, but ours must be lost in the mail!

Read about it here. (NOTE: Here is the Mervis Diamond page for more info and the phone number for ordering. For those who have asked, the stones are handset in gold and platinum.)


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