Tel Aviv: Ladino programs

The Cervantes Institute and the National Ladino Authority have created a 20-session program covering Sephardic history, culture and folklore at the Cervantes Institute in Tel Aviv.

The Tuesday evening sessions (at 7pm) cover important issues and aspects of Judeo-Espanol folklore and are presented in Ladino.

Sessions already completed included talks by Mordechai Arbell on the Caribbean Jewish communities, Moshe Shaul on Izmir, and Jerusalem’s Ben Zakay with Yehuda Hatsvi.

Future sessions will be:

December 15: The streets of Istanbul with Zelda Ovadia.
December 29: Izmir with Moshe Shaul.
January 12: Amsterdam’s Sephardim with Yehuda Hatsvi.
January 26: The Arie houses in Samokov with Mordechai Arbell.
February 9: Firenze (Florence, Italy) with Matilda Koen-Sarano.
February 23: Saray with Eliezer Papo.
March 9: El Kamondo Han en Estambol with Zelda Ovadia.

The course is NIS 200 for new subscriptions, and NIS 180 or previous participants.

For more information, call Lea Alaluf, 03-685-7240 or 052-835-5366.


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