IPhone: Genealogy podcast app launched

Geneablogger colleague Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems Podcast has just informed Tracing the Tribe about the first genealogy podcast application for IPhone/iTouch.

Genealogy Gems Podcast – the top ranked podcast in the iTunes genealogy category – has launched the first genealogy podcast app, in partnership with Wizzard Media, for iPhone and iTouch.

The app will provide users with streaming genealogy audio and video on the go and exclusive bonus content. Genealogy Gems Podcast is a free “online genealogy radio show” and has provided innovative research strategies, family history expert and celebrity interviews, and genealogy news since 2007.

Tracing the Tribe was featured in an interview with Lisa at the 2009 Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree.

Her podcasts provide information that can inspire family history researchers of all skill levels and help them use their research time appropriately. With the new app, the podcast can reach many more people.

“Mobile technology is the wave of the future,” says Producer and Creator Lisa Louise Cooke. “At Genealogy Gems we strive to be out in front bringing the highest quality genealogy education to those seeking to enrich their lives through family history research. The app makes this possible on a whole new level.”

All the episodes are included (including show notes) and new podcasts are downloaded automatically. Bonus content includes audio files and custom genealogy-themed wallpaper, as well as Lisa’s 20-page PDF ebook, “5 Fabulous Google Research Strategies for the Family Historian. ” New content will be added as episodes are published.

Learn much more about Lisa’s work at the link above.

In addition to Genealogy Gems Podcasts, she’s also created the Genealogy Gems TV channel at YouTube, the Genealogy Gems News Blog, a toolbar, authored “Genealogy Gems: Ultimate Research Strategies,” produces and hosts The Family Tree Magazine Podcast, teaches online webinars and writes and produces videos for the magazine. Contact Lisa if you have questions.

And you thought you were busy!

Now, if Tracing the Tribe only had an iPhone.


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