New York: Beth Moses cemetery surname lists

The online Museum of Family History has added gravestones and photographs for burial society plots of towns in Ukraine, Belarus and former Yugoslavia.

The complete list has some 200 shtetls, towns and cities

Although there are additional society plots for each town located within other Metro New York cemeteries, the new additions are only from Beth Moses Cemetery (Pinelawn, New York). There are no plans to photograph the other plots for the towns noted., according to Museum creator Steve Lasky.

Find the links to these lists here.

For the vast majority of the 200 shtetls, towns and cities (and some other organizations) listed at that page, every society plot has been properly photographed and databased. The list of some 105,000 names from more than 30 Jewish cemeteries in New York and New Jersey, is available only through the Museum of Family History.

As just one example of the various plots, click on Mogilev, Belarus on the museum page link. The Name List contains some 280 surnames – many familiar to Mogilev researchers – of those buried in three of the five Mogilev burial society plots in the Metro New York area.

Readers who find a surname of interest and would like to receive the gravestone photo, should email the Museum. Remember to list the surname and town.

Here are the recently added towns:




Steve Lasky’s continuing achievement at his cyberspace Museum of Family History is to be commended. Visit the Museum and sign up for his blog to learn about new exhibits which may provide a break-through in your research.

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