JRI-Poland: 39,000 new entries and more

Researchers looking for Polish ancestors should begin their search at Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, which has more than 3.6 million records in its database.

New material has just been posted.

Shtetl CO-OP coordinator Hadassah Lipsius recently announced that 39,000 new entries had been added to the JRI-Poland database. These had been indexed from the LDS (Mormon) microfilms.

JRI-Poland executive director Stanley Diamond of Montreal has announced that an additional batch of indices – from records not filmed by the Mormons and which are part of the PSA Project – are now online.

JRI-Poland creates indices of vital records from two main sources, the LDS microfilms of Jewish records, dating through the 1860s-1870s, which are under the Shtetl CO-OP Project; and Index pages purchased from the Polish State Archives (PSA) for Jewish records not filmed by the LDS and indexed under the JRI-Poland PSA project.

The new addition includes new and updated files with some 29,000 entries, that have been fully funded and eligible to go online.

The towns include: Bielawy, Bolimow, Filipow, Glowno, Jezow, Lancut, Mielec, Nowe Miasta nad Pilica, Nowy Korczyn, Przedborz, Sobota, Sulejow, Tuszyn and Zablocie.

Search by surname and town OR surname and geographical area. Maximize results by using geographic coordinates. Do not search by town name only (no results will be generated).

To learn more, go to JRI-Poland; contact the Town Leader for your town of interest, or the Archive Coordinator. If you have questions, send an email.


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