TV: Genealogy shows we want to see

Our favorite creative geneablogger, Thomas MacEntee, has produced a list of genealogy shows that we’d all like to see.

Do we have a T-shirt entrepreneur out there who can see the possibilities of producing some of these for sale at upcoming genealogy conferences?

Although his post at “Destination: Austin Family” called these “failed genealogy television shows,” Tracing the Tribe believes it’s just because no one in TV Land is smart enough to actually produce these!

CAVEAT: Do not read this list or his original post while eating or drinking. At the least, cover your keyboard with plastic!

There’s a long list, so here are just some that Tracing the Tribe really liked. Visit Thomas’ blog to see the complete list.

Survivor: Ellis Island
Genealogists at the Apollo
America’s Funniest Genealogists
Genealogists Gone Wild!
The Microfiche Reader Endurance Hour
When Cemetery Fanatics Attack!
MTV’s Rock The Census
Who Wants To Marry A Genealogist?
Escape From The Archives
Not Without My Ahnentafels!
Valley of the Deeds
Touched By An Ancestor
Addicted To Genealogy Conferences
The Insatiable Family Historian
Ancestry Peep Show: Grannies Give It Up
The Secret, Mysterious Life of Genealogists
Dude, Where’s My Pedigree?

Not to be outdone, Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings offered some from his talk on “Genealogy is Fun! Seriously!”

Desperate Genealogists
Are You Smarter Than a Genealogist?
Genealogy Idol

My suggestion: “I’m a genealogist – Don’t get me out of here” (set in an archive, of course!).

Sheri Fenley suggested Thomas could sell these as bumper stickers or coffee mugs. Personally, I think they’d make great T-shirts to wear at those conferences to which we are so addicted.

Perhaps Thomas will surprise the geneabloggers at Jamboree 2010? Last year, we received “rock star” ribbons for our badges. Anyone taking bets on what our ribbons will read this year?

Do you have shows to add to the list? Please post them below in comments.

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