ShtetlLinks: New, updated pages

JewishGen ShtetLinks has added new and updated pages that serve as memorials to the Jewish communities that once lived in those places. The sites also provide resources for future generations of descendants.

N =new page
U = updated page


N – Chumal’ovo (Csmolif)
Helen Ganz Kastenbaum

N – Yurovshchina (Labun)
Emily Garber


N – Lackenbach (Lakompak)
Yohanan Loeffler


N – Lebedevo (Lebiedzieva)
Eilat Gordin Levitan, WebPage design, Judith Goldsmith


N – Leova
Rennie M. Salz


N – Pultusk (Pultosk, Ostenburg)
Stanley Finkelstein

N – Radom
Susan Weinberg

N – Rawa Mazowiecka
Merav Shub


N – Sarvar (Savar)
Anne-Marie Pollowy Toliver

U – Bodrogkeresztur

Readers who wish to create a ShtetLinks webpage for their ancestral shtetl or to adopt an orphaned shtetlpage should contact Susana Leistner Bloch, VP ShtetLinks. Volunteers are available to help create these webpages.


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