Israel: "Shanghai Ghetto" film, April 14

The next meeting of the Israel Genealogical Society (IGS/JFRA) branch in Ra’anana will feature a screening of the “Shanghai Ghetto” documentary, which demonstrates the life of Jewish refugees who spent the war years in that city.

The screening is the branch’s program for Holocaust Remembrance Evening on Wednesday, April 14, at 7.30pm. The meeting is at Beit Fisher, 5 Klausner St. (near Ahuza).

Following the film, there will be a discussion and Q&A with Harold Janklowicz, who was in Shanghai from the age of 8, with his mother. They sailed from Berlin to the relative safety of China.

Although they were away from the horrors of Europe, the Shanghai Ghetto offered other hardships including primitive living conditions, food shortages, malnutrition, illnesses and bad treatment by Japanese occupying forces.

After the war in Europe ended, bombing by American warplanes missed their radio station target and bombed the ghetto instead, killing hundreds of civilians and 40 of the Jewish refugees.

Fee: IGS/JFRA members: free; others, NIS 20.

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