Shanghai: A Jewish walking tour

Today must be Shanghai day!

Tracing the Tribe has covered gravestones, a film and now a Jewish walking tour of the city.

Take a look at this interesting city tour, covering seven Jewish-relevant sites, complete with a nice map.

For more, contact guide Patrick Cranley from Historic Shanghai.

The sites detailed, with photos, include:

— An estate built in 1925 by a British Jewish trader, Ray Joseph.

— The building where author Rena Krasno (1923-2009) lived with her parents, who came to Shanghai from Russia in the early 1920s. Her father was editor of “Our Life,” a tri-lingual Jewish magazine; her uncle Gabriel Rabinowitz designed Ohel Moshe synagogue (now a museum commemorating Shanghai’s Jewish refugees).

— The villa home to one of the most prominent Sephardic families, the Ezras, who owned several properties including the Astor House Hotel.

— A luxurious apartment building (1936) built by and named for Ray and Hannah Joseph.

— The Shanghai Conservatory of Music was the former Shanghai Jewish Club. Behind it is a German-style villa under renovation. It was the old clubhouse for a Zionist youth group, Betar.

— In back of the Fudan University Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital is the original B’nai Brith Polyclinic building (1934), know in the 1940s as the Shanghai Jewish Hospital.

— The Ezra family built (1934) an upscale residential community in Xinkang Huayuan.

See the complete article at the link above and see the photos.

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